About Us


Blessinger Legal PLLC was founded on March 1, 2012, with several goals in mind:

Zealous Representation

We want to help clients find ethical, fair solutions to their immigration struggles. The attorneys at Blessinger Legal PLLC work tirelessly to ensure that every client receives top-notch legal support in matters before the Immigration Court, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Board of Immigration Appeals, and the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Prompt Attention to Clients

Blessinger Legal believes that communication with clients is integral to the success of their cases. For that reason, Blessinger Legal PLLC is committed to returning all telephone calls and electronic mail correspondence within one business day of receipt.

Maximizing Outcomes

At Blessinger Legal, we focus on fostering and maintaining relationships with judges, trial attorneys, clerks, and officers. The attorneys at Blessinger Legal PLLC work with all parties to resolve routine and complex issues that arise during representation, thereby maximizing outcomes for all clients.

Exploring Every Avenue

Blessinger Legal PLLC will explore every avenue to ensure that clients receive the best representation. Feel free to contact our office to schedule a consultation, or for more information about our services.

Providing Services in Several Languages

Blessinger Legal PLLC provides services in Spanish, Urdu, Farsi (Persian), Portuguese (proficient)

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